About “The Dapper Realtor”

About Me

My interest in real estate grew from a desire to develop wealth to pass on to my family.  While that did draw me into the real estate profession monetary gain has not kept me here. A passion for helping people make smart decisions in transacting real estate is what has kept me in this field for over 15 years.

My passion in realty comes from my desire to see my customers make the most prudent decisions when it comes to their home, whether buying or selling.  Understanding and appreciating the magnitude of what a real estate transaction represents to most individuals, I want to help clients make the most informed decision for themselves and their heirs. I mention heirs because of the potential impact the real estate transaction represents in terms of building, and passing on generational wealth.

My commitment to you as my client is to guide you through any realty transaction with competence; an unparalleled commitment to customer service; and a promise that my conduct in any and all business dealings, with any and all parties shall be beyond reproach.
Not to mention, I’m the most stylish real estate professional in the city!

Orson Steward, The Dapper Realtor…”Where great service is always in style.”

I do not disparage these entities because they do service a sector of the market that is willing to pay extra to avoid showings, open houses, and repairs.  However, they are making a substantial amount of money off the real estate transaction and it most often comes at the homeowner’s expense.

I am here to serve and guide the homeowners wanting to keep that large sum of money for themselves and their heirs, and don’t mind a little bit of inconvenience and extra work to get it!

Why sell with “The Dapper Realtor?”

What’s “En Vogue” now in most major real estate markets are the large investment groups and other entities making offers to homeowners to entice them to sell their homes to them at a discount, the benefit to the homeowner being they avoid any repairs and showings.